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The day is long

And it’s a long way up

It’s a long way down

I’m very tired

When I wake up in the morning

When I’m spinning in the kaleidoscope of chemical delusions

Or sit in a kitchen chair the whole day

Trying to put all I feel into a sequence 

Pushing motion

Fingers on the keyboard

Where we meet, where we split


I’m here for you

Even though I don’t know how to be

I’m here for you

Though I don’t know if I should be


Did I forget to touch your face?

Did I look away?


The divergence of my desires

Has me split

And I’m slipping in all directions

Through the cracks in my willpower

I’m falling

Recalling the purpose of my intentions 

I’m trying to coalesce with the man in your mirror

To wear the stricture of your principles


The divergence of my desires

Has me split

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