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New album out now

‘Bending The Iron Bough’ is out!

Thank you Cold Transmission for putting it out there.

Thank you to my dear Anders Melts, who played live percussion on many of the tracks & Arthur Rizk for mastering.

You know where to find the links.

CD’s are shipping immediately, vinyls from late January.

This year I've spent more time than ever contemplating my motivations for making music and due to hormonal issues I've felt quite down for a while. I created 'Bending The Iron Bough' to myself, above all as an alternative space to spend the difficult moments and to find solace. That doesn't sound like a catchy selling point, and topped with the slower BPMs, abstract structures and layered atmospheres of the songs, I can understand why this album might not be as stimulating as some of my other creations. But this was a step I had to make to move forward, and I salute you if you are still with me and take this album for what it is. Bedless Bones is not a band or a project, it quite frankly is the extension of my creativity (as self-absorbed as it might sound); and only here I can express it in the purest and most unaffected way as elsewhere my creativity is quite adaptable and even fragile, always trying to align with others around me and shape itself accordingly.

Take care, I'll be back with more soon.


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