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'Realign and Reign' - New song and video from the upcoming album

Don't be right / Don't be sure / Touch the unknown

Art, creation & self-expression. Art heals. Paint your dreams. Write with your body.

The video is out! Thank you to my dear friend Mikk, who came over last winter (I was writing the album at the time) and shot the footage to try out his new camera. This wasn’t exactly meant to be a music video, but after recently stumbling upon it on my hard drive, I decided to use it since I liked the insulated intimacy and the cold and gloomy atmosphere of Estonian winter.

It’s been quite difficult to pick ‘singles’ out of this new album as it’s meant to be a union that is breathing and moving together. I can’t wait to share the whole thing already, it will be out in less than a month.

The song is also on Bandcamp and Spotify etc.


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